Coperative Solution Management System

Developed specially for the Coperative industry

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Cloud based lending software that is secure and easy to use.

Free 30 day trial

How Can Coop-Desk Help You?

Manage all your customer loans and repayments in one place. Spend less time doing admin work and more time growing your business.

Loan Management

View loan details including repayments, loan terms, loan schedule, collateral, files, and comments. You can also print loan statements and schedule for your borrowers. Set loan fees, grace period, and penalties.

See a snapshop of the loan on one page. You can even Send SMS to the borrower.

Savings Accounts

Create savings account for your borrowers and add transactions such as deposits and withdrawals. You can also print savings statement and give this to the borrower.

The system will automatically add interest to the savings account depending on your savings product.

Member Management

Now you can manage your staff like a bank! You can assign branches to your staff and give them roles such as Cashier, Teller, Operations Manager, Collector, and Branch Manager.

You can set permissions for each staff role and control what pages they can see and the branches they can operate in the admin area.

Member Management

View detailed charts and see how your loan released and collections are changing month to month. You can also view cash flow reports and profit/loss statements.

This will allow you to instantly see your business performance through graphic charts and take informed decisions.

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What are people saying about Imikrof?

We run a microfinance company in the Bangladesh. We have been using Imikrof for past 2 years and the experience has been great. Now we don't have to deal with endless paperwork. I know exactly what's happening in all my branches. Everything is more organized and secure. We are also able to achieve higher customer satisfaction rates.

Mohammed Khairul Islam
Consultant (TMSS-ICT)